Membership at California Cult Classics not only brings you great wine, but also comes with the added benefits of being a part of a wine and food cultural experience.



California Cult Classics is committed to offering an exquisite and worldly focused food and wine program to all members. Our food and wine events include exclusive tastings, seasonal dinners, with menus prepared by celebrity chefs. Furthermore, we offer our members the opportunity to participate in custom tours to winemaking regions around the globe. Our events are designed to impress even the most discriminating wine and food enthusiasts.



Whether you are passionate about wine, interested in meeting like-minded professionals, or simply a “cultural explorer”, your membership in California Cult Classics will allow you to:

Learn the art of winemaking and produce your very own selection of truly world-class wines.

Choose your own style and type of wine.

Acquire wines from every vintage of California Cult Classics.

Attend special food and wine events conducted by celebrity chefs.

Attend exclusive wine tastings and seminars conducted by recognized winemakers.

Book the winemakers’ lounge for your own private meetings and networking events.

Participate in custom tours of wine regions around the world.

Join the “cult”. California Cult Classics welcomes a select group of wine aficionados who are interested in pursuing their passion for fine wine, food, and enjoyment of life. To maintain the integrity of our club, space is limited.



The following LCB U-Vin regulations apply to all members of California Cult Classics.

Each order will be paid for prior to commencement of the winemaking process.

A declaration will be signed stating that the wine is for personal consumption only and may not be sold or distributed to any other facility.

A minimum of two visits to the winemaking facility is mandatory to conform to existing BC LCB U-Vin regulations. (See ‘Process’ for more details)

Wine must be removed from the premises immediately after bottling.